Customs officers reveal warehouse for illegal sale of tobacco for hookah


Warehouse in Bourgas for illegal sale of tobacco for hookah without paid excise duty was revealed by Customs officers from specialist department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" / MPP / in the Central Customs Directorate and Department of MPP in Customs of Bourgas. The Specialized operation was carried out after tracking of ads on the Internet. During visit as clients, Customs officers found sale of illegal tobacco for hookah in warehouse for souvenirs, toys, household goods. During Customs inspection ,Customs officers found in the warehouse total 420 boxes of tobacco for hookah in retail packs of 50 grams-all without excise stamp, with aromas of apple, mint, lemon, banana, watermelon, etc. Seized quantity of tobacco for hookah without excise stamp has a total weight of 21 kg. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis. The work on the case continues.