51,602 kg of heroin worth over BGN 2 million seized by Customs officers at Lesovo border checkpoint


District Prosecutor's Office - Yambol attracted as accused the Turkish citizens Jem Ch. (48 years old) and Gurkan K. (32 years old) and Iraqi citizens Omar J. (42 years old) and Mohamed I. (20 years old) for that, that on 24.08.2017 about 10:00 at the Lesovo border checkpoint they transported a total 51,602 kg of narcotic substance - heroin across the border from the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Bulgaria with a truck.

The case was announced during a briefing with the media by the Director of the Customs Agency, Mr. Georgi Kostov, The Administrative Head of the Burgas Prosecutor's Office, Mr Lyubomir Petrov, The Administrative Head of the Yambol Regional Prosecutor's Office Mr. Doychin Doychev and The  Director of the Border Police Directorate General- Chief Commissioner Svetlina Kichikov.

The mechanism of the committed crime and its disclosure was explained in detail by the Director of the Customs Agency Mr. Georgi Kostov. He explained that the method of drug concealment is different and the drug was found under a thorough customs check on the truck. In this case, the truck had a travel destination Romania, which is another difference with the cases so far discovered.

The drug was distributed in about 100 packages, each weighing about 500 g, placed in two backpacks, tied with leather belts at the bottom of the truck's semi-trailer. So far the total value of the drug is over BGN 2 000 000, but since the frequency of the active substance is very high it is possible that the value exceeds BGN 4 000 000.

The monitoring prosecutor, Mr. Doichev, said that the detaines citizens would be charged. Prosecutor Petrov also reported two other cases of detained smuggling from customs officers at the Lesovo border checkpoint in recent days.

Turkish citizen Hasan D. (63 years old) was detained as an accused of smuggling nearly 1 kg. Gold products totaling more than BGN 66,000 on 20.08.2017