Customs officers from Customs of Bourgas seized nearly 15 000 packs of chewing gums imitating the "Coca-Cola"


14 640 packages with chewing gums, imitating the visual design and printing of the Coca-Cola brand, were seized by Customs officers from Customs of Burgas for infringing intellectual property rights.The commercial shipment arrived in the port of Burgas with shipping container from China import to Bulgaria. Customs officers from the "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" in Customs of Burgas made a detailed check of the container. It was found that the contents of the container corresponded to the goods declared by type and quantity, but the shipment contains a total of 14 640 packs of chewing gums in cans with imitation of ornaments and the font of Coca-Cola. They were seized according to Regulation (EU) № 608/2013 and Law on Marks and Geographical Indications. For the case Customs of Bourgas has informed the official representative of the trade mark "Coca-Cola" for Bulgaria.