Customs officers discovered 5.5 tons of precursor for heroin production


Regional Prosecutor's Office - Vidin holds a citizen of Bosnia. The investigation is conducted by Lom Customs House. 2 tonnes of heroin can be produced from the retained amount of acetic anhydride.

On December 15, 2017, around 1.00 hours at night, a mobile team at Lom Customs House stops checking a truck with a Bosnian registration in the Danube Bridge 2. According to the documents, the truck transports 20 tonnes of polyethylene from a country in the EU to a recipient company in Turkey. The driver is 60-year-old Bosnian citizen I. Pamukovic.

 During the check the customs officers established that the truck transported goods other than those described in the customs documents. Real goods do not match either by type or by quantity with the declared one. Instead of 20 tons of polyethylene, the customs inspectors found that in the truck were loaded 22 wooden boxes containing auto parts, electronics, 100 kg. mobile phones and medical diagnostic equipment.   

Five plastic drums with a capacity of 1000 l and 22 tubes of 30 liters each containing a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of acetic anhydride were found in 6 of the boxes. Acetic anhydride is a contraband carrier precursor used to produce heroin. The total amount of retained precursor is 5500 liters. From a similar amount of acetic anhydride, about 2 tonnes of heroin can be produced. In one of the pallets with auto parts, customs officers also found two pistols and two revolvers with supplementary fillers, and PIUs.

District Prosecutor's Office Vidin has filed charges against I. Pamukovic for smuggling 5 505 liters of precursor without authorization under the Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control Act. The prosecutor also blames him for smuggling goods without the knowledge and permission of the customs, using a document of untrue content. I. Pamukovic is detained by the prosecutor for up to 72 hours.