Smuggled plant protection agents seized by Customs officers at Lesovo border checkpoint


Smuggled plant protection products were seized by customs and border officers at Lesovo border checkpoint in two separate inspections of passenger cars with Bulgarian registration, traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria. A total of 450 liters and 170 kg of undeclared pesticides were seized from 4 different brands - manufactured in Turkey and banned for import into Bulgaria and the EU.
The first car, brand BMW X3 with a Bulgarian registration, has arrived at the customs office in Lesovo on 18 December 2017. During the inspection, Customs officers found 200 liters of plant protection products in the car in 40 factory packages. Against the driver -Bulgarian citizen with initials C.C. was issued a statement of violation of the Law on Customs.
Another 250 liters and 170 kg of undeclared plant protection products from different brands were found by customs officers in the luggage of another automobile, the Volkswagen Sharan brand with Bulgarian registration, during a thorough customs check also on 18 December 2017. An act of violation of the Law on Customs was issued against the driver of the car-Bulgarian citizen with initials С.Ж.
The contraband pesticides were seized and subject to destruction.