The Customs Union is a basis of the European Community and it's one of the Internal market pillars with an important role in the growing trade. The great increase in trade volume, combined with the complication of the modern supply chain, the need of additional efforts for protecting the security and safety of citizens and guaranteeing the revenue, the number of stakeholders in that whole process and the speed of commercial exchange pose considerable requirements to customs. Their mission is to ensure safety and security of citizens, protect the financial interest of the Community and the Member States, protect the Community from unfair and illegal trade while facilitate legitimate trade, increase the competitiveness of the European business by means of modern working methods in an easily accessible electronic environment.



In order to respond to the challenge of the constantly changing requirements in the implementation of control in the protection of the Community's financial, social and economic interests, without posing unnecessary hindrance to legitimate business, and to fulfil the main priorities, the Bulgarian customs administration has set the  following objectives:

  • Objective 1 - Efficient functioning of the customs administration under the condition of a fully fledged EU membership
  • Objective 2 - Increase of efficiency in collection of receivables at import of goods and of excise at transactions inside the country
  • Objective 3 - Strengthening the cooperation between the customs administration with other customs administrations, with enforcement authorities, with the economic operators and with the general public
  • Objective 4 - Implementation of the state policy in the field of fight against customs, currency and excise offences, the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and precursors and of weapons, goods and technologies with possible dual use and of the intellectual property rights protection
  • Objective 5 - Continuation of the process of computerization and development of electronic customs
  • Objective 6 - Development of the customs laboratory network
  • Objective 7 - Development of officials' training within the customs administration
  • Objective 8 - Prevention and fight against corruption and other misdemeanours of customs officials



Under the conditions of common customs territory, the objective is all customs administrations of the EU Member States to act like one - to uniformly apply the customs legislation. That's why the common strategy of the customs union has been adopted, the Commission has set the framework for application of measures for modernization of customs under the conditions nowadays, the Directors General of the customs administrations have agreed on a joint statement on the mission of customs in the European Union, which is consistent with the main aims of the Bulgarian customs administration for the period 2007-2009г.:

  • Continuation of the simplification and rationalization of customs legislation and adoption of efficient procedures, taking into consideration the development of the information technologies
  • Improvement of the application of customs legislation - efficient collection of receivables and application of the trade policy measures, efficient customs control and strengthening the cooperation with the customs authorities of the other Member States as well as with the other national authorities, competent in application of specific measures to import and export of goods
  • Support to the trade sector by closer relations with trade operators
  • Modernisation of customs via an appropriate reorganization of the system under the circumstances of EU membership, improvement of training for the customs officials and the knowledge of economic operators
  • Enhancement of international customs cooperation aimed at facilitation of trade and customs procedures worldwide