The Convention establishing the Customs Co-operation Council was signed on 15 December 1950 in Brussels and entered into force two years later - on 4 November 1952. The official inauguration session of the Council was held in Brussels on 26 January 1953 with the participation of representatives of 17 countries. In 1994 the Customs Co-operation Council adopted a new name - World Customs Organisation (WCO), thus becoming a global intergovernmental organisation. The Republic of Bulgaria acceded to the Convention establishing the Customs Co-operation Council on 4 June 1973.  


On 26 January every year the Customs administrations of 180 Member States of the World Customs Organisation organize various national events to celebrate the first session of the Customs Co-operation Council. On its part, the WCO Secretariat chooses a topic for the International Customs Day. In 2016 the 26 January' celebrations are devoted to the topic "Digital Customs - Progressive Engagement". 


It has become a well-established tradition for the Bulgarian Customs Administration to celebrate the International Customs Day, too. As usual, this year our Customs administration will mark the event giving due consideration to the utmost importance of the celebrations topic chosen by the international customs community. As part of the initiatives to celebrate the Customs Day, WCO certificates of merit, signed by the Secretary General of the Organisation, Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, will be awarded. Certificates of merit will be awarded to 20 officials of the Bulgarian Customs Administration.