"National Training Centre" Directorate


1.  develops the strategy of the Agency for training and qualification of the customs officers;

2.  develops the annual training programme for the customs officers;

3. organizes and conducts the training and qualification of the customs officers

4. maintains a register of the sertificates issued for each passed course of training

5.  analyzes the necessity for enhancing the professional knowledge of the customs officers, required for the successful performance of their duties,  organizes the related training courses and other forms of training, analyzes their efficiency and evaluates the achieved results;

6. coordinates and monitors all training forms and activities, carried out by the regional training centres;

8.  Gathers, classifies and keeps the library materials, related to the training and qualification of the customs officers;

9.  Colaborates with similar Bulgarian and foreign training units with the aim of exchanging information and experience.



The Bulgarian Customs Administration pursues a policy of development of professionalism and maintaining high level of qualification of customs officials. The training at the National Customs Agency is performed both at national and regional level on the basis of annual training programmes in the National Training Centre, the regional training centres and the Customs Canine Training School.

The training systems in the National Customs Agency underwent a significant development as it responded to the challenges arising from Bulgaria's EU membership. The strategy for training and qualification of the officials in the National Customs Agency follows the trends in the customs area and was updated in compliance with the customs policy of the Union and the business objectives of the administration.

Upon their appointment the officials from the specialised administration pass a seven-months compulsory training course, the content of which is harmonized within the EU Member States.

Each year all officials of the Agency are included in courses as part of the follow-up training. One official of the specialised administration is trained for 7 business days per year on average.

An increasing part of the training is realised by new technologies. An electronic learning management system (LMS) and virtual classroom are already in exploitation. The platforms of the EC - PICS (Programmes Information and Collaboration Space), and of the WCO - Customs Learning and Knowledge Community (CLIKC) are also in use.