The information systems enhancement continues to be a driving power in the development of the Bulgarian Customs Administration. After having all main processes computerised in the Bulgarian Integrated Customs Information System (BICIS) and the Bulgarian Excise Centralised Information System (BECIS), new versions and modules are being put into operation thus attaining extension of the scope of the systems and automation of additional administrative activities. Such modules are the Administrative Procedure Module - an information system for monitoring the administrative procedure and tracking the judicial appeal procedure and the Post-Clearance Control Module - for the processing of documents and data related to the post-clearance control activities.

An Automated Information System for Documents Processing and Administrative Activity (AIDA) was developed together with the automation of seven administrative services in line with the E-Governance Act.

An information e-Customs portal was developed for the convenience of the economic operators.

Furthermore, the National Customs Agency invests efforts in the exchange of information with other institutions. An interface between the National Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agency systems was built within the BECIS project enabling the tracking of the movement of fuels from their release for consumption till the end sale thereof.