As of 2006 the activity in the field of excise follows the same path as the customs procedures and is also being computerised. After the start being set by the electronic exchange of documents for the movement of excise goods under the excise duty suspension arrangement the National Customs Agency introduces the Bulgarian Excise Centralised Information System (BECIS). All these developments are complemented by updates of the legislation at national level, the beginning being set by Decision  № 1152/2003/ЕC.

The specialised Excise Directorate performs the coordination, monitoring and supervision of the activity of the customs offices in the process of implementation of the legislative and administrative acts in the field of excise, analyses and summarises the relevant data and drafts proposals for legislative amendments.

The ‘Excise' Directorate administers the granting of licenses for tax warehouses management and keeps the registers stipulated by the Excise and Tax Warehouses Act.