The National Customs Agency employs 3350 officials, from which 601 work in the Central Customs Directorate. This number includes also one representative of the Agency in the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, one representative in the World Customs Organisation in Brussels, Belgium and onerepresentative in the Southeast European Law Enforcement Centre with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.

Most of the officials in the National Customs Agency are civil servants and their appointment, promotion and dismissal are made under the provisions of the Civil Servant Act.

The Director General of the National Customs Agency is the employer of all officials and the administration of personnel is done by the HR Organisation and Management Directorate with the Central Customs Directorate and the respective departments within the customs houses, which are part of the general administration.

The fight against corruption and encouraging the integrity among the customs officials is one of the main priorities of the Bulgarian Customs Administration. The Professional Standards and Control Directorate within the specialised administration in the Central Customs Directorate has the main task to perform activities on the prevention and counteraction to corruption and other illegal acts in the customs administration, including by conducting internal checks following signals entered in the Agency about probable illegal acts of customs officials. The Directorate supports the Director General of the Agency in performing disciplinary proceedings. The whole activity in this area is performed in conformity with the principles set in the Declaration of the World Customs Organisation concerning good governance and integrity in customs, adopted in 1993 in Arusha, Tanzania (revised in 2003), as well as with the national governmental programmes. In order to achieve better transparency in the work of customs officials and to facilitate the business and citizens, the following major measures are being taken in customs:

            - introduction through the legislation of simplified and incomplete customs regimes and procedures, automation of processes of customs clearance and control, intended at reducing the role of subjectivity factor;

            - annual declaration of the property and income of the customs officials and of their family members, performing of checks on the property status of customs officials;

             - introduction of the so called ‘hotline' in the CCD advertised in the customs offices and on the webpage of the Agency - for submission of signals related to probable illegal acts of customs officials;

              - collaboration and exchange of information with the authorities of the Prosecutor's Office, State Agency for National Security, Ministry of Interior, National Revenue Agency and other governmental bodies, which deal with the prevention and counteraction to corruption and organized crime, etc.