Director General

The National Customs Agency is managed and represented by a Director General. In performing his functions the Director of the Agency is assisted by four deputy directors.

In the absence of Director General, his duties are carried out by a deputy director as defined by order of the Minister of Finance.

The Director of the Agency shall:

  1. represent the Agency;
  2. exercise management and control on the performance of its functions and tasks;
  3. run directly the activity of the Central Customs Directorate;
  4. plan, distribute and control the utilization of the Agency's allocated budgetary means and own revenue;
  5. appoint the civil servants and terminate the service relationships with them;
  6. sign, amend and terminate the labour contracts with the persons, working in the agency under labour relationship;
  7. grant leaves and send the Agency's officials to a business trip;
  8. endorse rules for organization of the activity, internal arrangements, salary and rewards within the Agency;
  9. endorse the employment schedule of the Agency;
  10. endorse the job descriptions of staff;
  11. issue penal orders in the cases stipulated by law;
  12. issue individual administrative acts within the frames of his prerogatives;
  13. offer to the Minister of Finance or to a Deputy Minister appointed by the minister measures to define customs policy;
  14. offer to the Minister of Finance or to a Deputy Minister appointed by the minister signing of international agreements and joining international conventions in the field of customs;
  15. cooperate with other bodies in respect to formation, execution and control of the activities of concern to customs issues;
  16. perform other duties assigned to him by law or by other administrative acts.