Chief Secretary

The administrative management of the Agency is carried out by a chief secretary.

The chief secretary manages, coordinates and controls the activity of the administration in pursuance of the legal directions of the Agency's Director for the correct compliance with the normative acts and shall:

  1. provide the organizational link between the Director and the administrative units with the Agency as well as between the administrative units themselves;
  2. organize the distribution of tasks between the administrative units of the Agency; 
  3. create conditions for normal and efficient work of the Agency's units;
  4. control the execution of the tasks assigned to the administration;
  5. control and be responsible for work with the documents, their archiving and for keeping the state and service secret;
  6. endorse internal rules for administrative service pursuant to Art. 7, para 1 of the Law on Administrative service to the Natural and Legal Entities;
  7. perform also other duties assigned to him by the Director General.