Over 100 000 cartons of smuggled Partner cigarettes are destroyed


Bulgarian Customs Agency and Philip Morris Bulgaria yesterday destroyed 110 346 cartons of smuggled Partner cigarettes, press centre of the Customs Agency informed. The smuggled cigarettes were detained in 2008 on the territory of the Regional Customs Directorate in Sofia during a customs checks in the region of Kalotina and Gyueshevo border checkpoints.
Philip Morris International has cooperated with the Customs Agency as providing necessary information about seized Partner brand cigarettes, which is owned by Philip Morris Products S.A. The company has recommended immediate destruction.
As a result of joint action, good cooperation and excellent coordination between the Customs Agency and Philip Morris Bulgaria, each of the parties performed its obligations in compliance with the Agreement of Understanding, which aims at implementing the cooperation between the two countries in combating smuggling imports and illegal trade in tobacco products, including trade in counterfeit cigarettes in Bulgaria and the European market.
Burned cigarettes were seized in 60 separate cases.