Perfumes, imitating world popular brands, seized in Gorublyane

Officers with the mobile customs groups with the Operational Customs and Excise Control with the Central Customs Directorate seized nearly 50.000 perfumes and toilet waters, imitations of world famous brands. The goods were produced in China. The shipment was transported as part of a bigger haul of more than 30 types of other goods.
After the shipment arrived at the Thessalonica seaport, it was processed at the customs for transit to the Customs Office in Goryblyane, Bulgaria. There the declarer filed customs declaration for 5,760 perfumes of 50ml and 39,360 toilet waters of 100ml or a total of 45,120 items.
On November 13, in the frames of a check-up on the shipment, customs officers detected that the number of the declared perfumes and toilet waters does not correspond to the real amount and that the items are an imitation of the original brands.
The entire shipment of perfumes and toilet waters has been confiscated.
The law-enforcement authorities will be notified over the case.
The total amount of the confiscated perfumes and toilet waters runs to more than 10 tons. Their market value is estimated at more than BGN 2.5 million.