10 masterboxes of smuggled cigarettes seized in joint operation of police, border, customs officers in Ruse

On November 16, 2009, the mobile groups for control and surveillance executed a check-up on vehicles leaving the area of the East Port in the Northern town of Ruse after a surveillance operation on the Danube River.
Police and customs officers checked up on two cars, one of which was owned by a sailor, who arrived on the same day with a ship from Ukraine.
In one of the cars, officers detected 4 bags, put in the car and its trunk. The bags were full of 200 boxes of MORE cigarettes - the blue series, which were stamped with Ukrainian excise label, and 510 boxes of LM cigarettes, all with Ukrainian excise label.
Another mobile group for control and surveillance, consisting of border police and customs officers, executed a check-up on a car owned by another sailor, leaving the East Port. Some 2,000 boxes of MORE cigarettes with Ukrainian excise label were found and confiscated.
Customs check-up shows that the cases concern smuggling of cigarettes by sailors traveling from Ruse to Reni and the other way round, who used to buy cheap cigarettes from Ukraine then hide them in the barges in order to sell them later in Bulgaria at a price twice higher than the purchase one.
People involved in the crime will be sanctioned over violation of the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.