Another illegal rakia production site seized by customs agents in Zvezditsa village


Customs agents in the village of Zvezditsa, municipality of Omurtag, seized the latest factory for illegal rakia (Bulgarian brandy) production.
On November 17, customs agents with the customs mobile groups and the Operational Customs and Excise Control unit with Customs - Ruse checked up on an outlet located in the village of Zvezditsa, municipality of Omurtag.
During the check, authorities detected that the outlet has three distillers, two of which were in operation at that moment. The destiler that was not operating was of 100 liters, while the other two - of 250 and 300 liters. The total volume of the distillers runs to 700 liters.
When the check-up was underway, there was a client and the manager of the outlet, who was working without a labor contract.
Later on, when the owner arrived it was ascertained that the distiller's site was registered as small specialized distiller's outlet under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act. The owner did not present documents for the facilities. In his words, the outlet was launched in operation in August 2009. As the owner said, the building, which consists of two rooms and distiller's area, has been built by him over rented municipal terrains and lacks Act 16. The sterilization fee was set at BGN 25 but no documents are issued for the service. At the moment of the check-up, agents found around 20 liters of rakia, which have been confiscated.
Under the law, the owner of the illegal outlet should be imposed a fine of up to BGN 3,000, while the three distillers will be confiscated.