20 kilos of golden, silver jewelry seized at Sofia Airport


20 kilos of precious metals have been seized by customs officers, in cooperation with officers with Border Police, at Sofia Airport. The jewelry was transported by Italian national, travelling with a direct flight to Rome. The man tried to pass through the "green corridor" and customs officers executed a thorough check-up at the request of Border Police.
Customs officers found a total of 368 items in three suitcases - different kinds of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, some of which with stones.
Customs officers reported that the golden jewelry and ingots weight 15 kilos, while the silver jewelry - 5 kilos.
According to the invoices found, the total value of the golden and silver items runs to EUR 270,901 - EUR 260,901 for the golden items and EUR 10,000 for the silver items.
The passenger said that the jewelry does not belong to him and he just returns them in Italy where he brought them from when he arrived. He presented a document for the status of the goods but it provided a number of another invoice. Due to the lack of foreign exchange declaration and documents, proving the origin of the jewelry, a statement has been drawn against the 26-year-old Italian.
Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has been alarmed over the case.