Customs officers seize alcohol worth BGN 3 – 300 during check-ups

Mobile customs groups have seized more than 2,360 bottles of high-spirit alcohol, 4,800 litres illegal rakia (Bulgarian brandy) and 1,500 litres of spirit in less than ten days. Authorities have checked up on stores, warehouses, private homes and vehicles. The illegal alcohol used to be sold at BGN 3/litre for broach rakia to BGN 300/litre of whiskey with expired excise label.
Between November 27-29 the customs mobile groups checked up on commercial outlets - shops and warehouses in the territory of the capital city. In one of the shops there were 1,836 bottles of alcohol of leading producers' brands suspected of being fake and 78 bottles with expired excise label. During the initial examination customs officers ascertained that the serial numbers of the excise label cannot be read. Pre-court proceeding has been initiated.
Check-up at the Sitnyakovo market in the capital city led to the confiscation of 87 bottles of alcohol without or with expired excise label. Although the amount of alcohol was not big, the greater part of the bottles is boutique ones and their market cost runs to more than BGN 5,000. Some of the whisky bottles cost BGN 150 - 250, while the Remi Martin cognac - BGN 230. The Royal Salute whisky broke the record with its price of BGN 300.
In parallel to the examinations at commercial outlets, authorities continue checking on warehouses for retail and wholesale trade of alcohol drinks, stores and entertainment establshmenys.
On November 26, cstoms mobile goups checked a pub in the village of Alanitsa and found 310 liters of broach rakia, stored in tubes and bottles without excise label in violation to the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.
On December 1, in the frames of a joint operation of the customs mobile groups, the Combating Organized Crime Directoeate - Burgas and Regional Interior Ministry Directorate - Karnobat checked two private homes in the town of Karnobat and found 4,500 litres of rakia and around 1,500 litres of spirit. It was ascertained that the alcohol is "mixed up" on the spot at the order of the client. Pre-court proceeding has been initiated.