Illegal cigarettes worth BGN 1 mln seized in Sofia


Officers with the Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the mobile customs groups with the Customs Agency, busted a cigarettes smuggling channel. The loss that could have been caused to the state budget out from the unpaid excise duty is estimated at BGN 650,000, while the price of the seized cigarettes runs to more than BGN 1 million.
225,000 boxes of cigarettes were found on Thursday in the Slatina quarter in the capital Sofia. Some of the cigarettes were: Marlboro with Russian excise label, LM, Victory Slims, Prestige - without excise label, as well as Chinese Chunghwa.
The cigarettes were found in a warehouse, rented from a person with criminal record, as well as in a Volvo car, barked in the area of the warehouse.
Some 62,000 boxes of the excised goods, used to be stored in a room, while some 163,000 - in the freight vehicle, hidden in the insulation construction materials.
According to initial information, the cigarettes were aimed for the internal market.
Experts calculated that the state budget could have been harmed by BGN 650,000 out of unpaid excise duty.
Three men have been arrested, B.S., 31; P.G., 32; and P.H., 38.