Almost 59kg of heroin hidden in secret compartments of a car

Customs officers of the Department Combating Drug Trafficking at Malko Tarnovo border crossing with Customs Burgas seized 58,565 kg of heroin. The drug has been packed in 113 packages, the Customs Agency announced. The drug was found in secret compartments of a car with Bulgarian license plate while entering the country from Turkey.
The car has crossed the border checkpoint by 3:00pm. Customs inspectors carried out a throughout check of the car under the methods of risk analysis and found out two specially constructed secret compartments containing 113 packages of brown powdered substance stuck with white scotch tape. After immediate probe it turned out that the substance in the packages is heroin with high purity rate.
Bulgarian citizens at the age of 23 years from Sofia has been drawn a statement. Later after joint activities of the Prosecutor's Office and Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime one of the organizers of the drug channel has been detained in Sofia.