Mobile customs group found 1680 illegal brandy rakia


Team of mobile customs groups in Burgas carried out check in specialized small distilleries in the village of Rosen, Sozopol Municipality. At the time of the check the person with initials D.Y. has been distilling brandy rakia. He had written in his journal that has received fermented fruit material for distillation, which was charged excise duty of EUR 17, 60.
In the outbuilding however, customs officers found canisters with yellow and transparent liquid with a smell of alcohol with total quantity of 1680 l. After measurement it appears that alcoholic liquid of different canisters ranging from 46 to 61 degrees.
According to the Law on Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses specialized small distilleries could produce ethyl alcohol (brandy) from grapes and fruit - own production for personal and family consumption to 30 liters a year per family. This quantity of ethyl alcohol (brandy) is taxed at a reduced rate. If the quantity is over 30 liters, is paid the full amount of excise duty