Customs seize undeclared EUR 41,540, USD 1,600 at Sofia Airport


Customs officers at Sofia Airport, in cooperation with border police, seized undeclared EUR 41,540 and USD 1,600.
The money was found in a 47-year-old Turkish citizen called Pehlivan Dzhihan. The man was supposed to leave Bulgaria with a direct flight to Istanbul. He tried to pass through the "green corridor" but the border police officers got suspicious and warned their colleagues from the customs.
Customs officers executed a detailed check on the passenger and found EUR 41,540 and USD 1,600 in his pockets.
The man presented a bank order for the money and explained he drew the money while he was staying in Bulgaria but did not know he had to declare it when leaving the territory of the country.
The Turkish national has been drawn a statement under the Foreign Exchange Act.
In connection to the Christmas and New Year holidays and, the Customs Agency notes that all passengers are required to declare the money that tops the limit of EUR 10,000 when traveling to countries outside the European Union or to other Member States of the Community.