Customs officers seize 27 000 liters of spirits in Plovdiv


Nearly 16 000 liters of wine, 10 000 liters of low-alcoholic beverages and 1000 liters of spirits were seized in two checks in Plovdiv customs mobile groups of the Customs Agency, together with the police officers.
4 920 bottles (3 840 liters) of different types of wine (Muscat, Rose, and Merlot Reserve Mavrut) were found during inspection of stock in the village of Yagodovo, Plovdiv district. The wines are well-known brands and were without excise documents.
In another inspection in the village of Katunitsa customs mobile groups found 5 985 bottles (11 935 liters) of wine - white, red and wormwood as well as brandy, vodka and gin - a total of 1304 bottles (979.1 liters).
35 592 (9 787.8 liters) bottles of the seized bottles contain Vodka Mixed Drink-0, 275l of different manufacturers.