Bulgarian, Macedonian customs to exchange data over companies violators, risky profiles


Bulgarian and Macedonian customs will exchange data about companies violators and risky profiles.
The news broke at the meeting between the management of the Bulgarian Customs Agency, Macedonian Ambassador to Bulgaria Alexander Vasilevski and experts with the Macedonian customs.
The meeting was initiated at a decision of the Bulgarian customs, which envisages for all unsealed freight vehicles entering the country from Macedonia to undergo thorough check-up and examination.
The Customs Agency is given with the task to take measures to restrict the smuggling of tobacco products, Customs Agency director Vanyo Tanov said during the talks and added that Bulgaria is ready to join the elaboration of a mechanism for joint control in partnership with the Macedonian customs, which measure will ease the business in both countries.
In a couple of days the Bulgarian and Macedonian customs will start exchanging information about the freights that have crossed the border before the vehicles leave the territory of Macedonia.
A meeting on expert's level will be held by the end of January to discuss concrete opportunities for coordination of the control exerted at both customs administrations, including optimal usage of the mobile x-rays in the area of the customs checkpoints.
The efforts of the two customs services will be directed to strengthening of the cooperation, aiming to work out a procedure for joint customs control.
The first step in this initiative has been already made - there will be monthly meetings on operational level between the chiefs of the Bulgarian and Macedonian customs checkpoints at the joint border.