Customs Agency director meets Turkish counterpart


On January 15, 2010, the head office of the Customs Agency hosted a meeting between Maksut Mete, deputy secretary of the Turkish Customs Administration, and Vanyo Tanov, director of the Bulgarian Customs Agency.
Mr. Tanovo introduced his Turkish counterpart to the changes adopted in the structure of the Bulgarian customs administration, as well as to the new information systems, which are about to be implemented over the next months.
The two countries declared readiness to seek opportunities for information exchange in connection to the fight against smuggling and customs frauds. The two parties agreed to continue the discussions on expert level and set a data exchange mechanism as soon as possible.
The Turkish delegation, which was on a one-day visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of the Bulgarian customs, included the head of the regional customs in Edirne, directors of directorates wish the structure of the Turkish customs, as well as representatives of the Turkish diplomatic mission in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian delegation consisted of Mr. Antoniy Strandzev and Mr. Krasimir Nikolov - deputy directors of the Customs Agency, directors of directorates with the Central Customs Management, customs chiefs and experts.
Today's meeting is the latest one organized within the cooperation between the Bulgarian and Turkish customs but the first one held between the recently appointed heads of the customs of the two countries - Vanyo Tanov and Maksut Mete.