Increased number of customs officers at checkpoints along Bulgarian – Macedonian border


Number of customs officers at border checkpoints along the Bulgarian - Macedonian border has been increased, the Customs Agency announced. The measure is in relation to protests by farmers led to the Greek blockade at Kulta and Ilinden border checkpoints and aims at facilitating the movement of trucks that have chosen an alternative route through Macedonia.
An operative group has been created. It will help service of economy operators who wish to be issued their customs documents for transit through a third state (non EU member state). Necessary documents are documents to prove the Community status of goods, activation of Carnet TIR and issuing EORI number under Regulation / EEC / № 2913 / 92 establishing the Community Customs Code and Commission Regulation 2454 / 93 down provisions for implementing Regulation / EEC / № 2913 / 92.