NCA, MI seized 8 kilograms of heroin in joint operation

Yesterday at noon, customs officers of at Kapitan Andreevo Customs Office averted an attempt for smuggling of 3.9 kilograms of heroin.
During a routine check of a bus traveling on a regular line Turkey - Bulgaria, customs officers selected one of the passengers for scrutiny check - R.A, 54-year-old Bulgarian citizen from the town of Haskovo.
During the check the customs officers discovered a thick belt wrapped around the waist of the passenger. Belt contained beige powder, which in field test reacted to heroin.
In the subsequent search at the home of the offender, officers of the District Police Department of Interior - Haskovo found another 4 kg of heroin, sewed in the lining of a winter jacket.
This is the second case of seized heroin at Kapitan Andreevo Customs Office in the past 24 hours.