6 illegal emigrants detained within customs check-up in Radinovo village


6 illegal emigrants have been detained within a check-up executed by Customs Bureau Radinovo with the Customs Plovdiv in the village of Radinovo.
The six were hidden in a truck transporting aluminum pipes from Turkey to Bulgaria.
According to the valid customs documents, the customs processing of the goods had to be executed at the Customs Bureau Radinovo.
On Thursday at around noon, the sealed truck arrived in Radinovo. The customs officer on duty ascertained that the seal is not damaged and started unloading the shipment. Then, six men jumped out of the piles of aluminum pipes, which were with diameter of around 2 meters. The men were aged around 20 to 30.
Five of the men are Iranian nationals, while the sixth - a Turkish national. The truck was with Turkish registration, driven by a Turkish national.
The authorities in change have been alarmed over the case. Investigation continues.