Customs Varna processes about 65,000 declarations in 2009


In 2009 customs inspectors in the coastal town of Varna have processed more than 30,000 import and 12,960 export declarations with more than 100,000 clauses in them. Some 21,621 transit declarations have been activated.
Compared to 2008, there is some slight decrease in the SAD* declarations, respectively 5,200 under import regime and 2,160 - under export regime. Around 1,000 more transit declarations have been activated in 2008 than in 2009.
171 statements under the Customs Act have been drawn at the customs, 3 - under the Foreign Exchange Act, and 228 - under the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act.
The amount of the confiscated items is estimated at BGN 558,768.
388 penalties of violation have been issued, and the money collected on them runs to BGN 679,153.
BGN 8,906,923 have been recovered to agricultural producers on paid excise duty on fuel in 2008.
By January 25, 200, some BGN 8,515,650 excise duty have been recovered on 2009, as this is also the sum paid to agricultural producers on the territory of the former Customs Dobrich, now restructured into a Bureau with the Territorial Customs Varna.

*SAD (in Bulgarian EAD) - Single Administrative Document