Customs check-ups on illegal excise goods underway in Lukovit


Customs check-ups on the storage and sale of illegal excise goods are underway on the territory of the town of Lukovit for a second day in a row.
In the frames of a check-up on a storage room, the mobile customs group found distiller's pillar and more than 3,000 liters of broach rakia, poured into canisters each of 100liters. The room was used as a small distiller's facility but it has never been registered at the National Customs Agency, as the legal procedure requires. Some 84 bottles of vodka (0.5l) were also found in the same storage room. The vodka is of the Russian Privet brand, while the excise labels stamped on the bottles were dated back to the 90ties of the previous century.
During the check-up on another establishment - a wholesale warehouse, customs officers found 1,210 glass and plastic bottles with expired excise label, as well as some 11 packages and 2 boxes of tobacco without paid excise label. An overall stocktaking has started at the warehouse. An expert's examination on the excise labels of 3,000 bottles of different types of alcohol is underway.
In the frames of the operation, customs officers checked up on private persons, too.
390 boxes of cigarettes were found in the car of 35-year-old man from Lukovit with initials P.I. All of the boxes were with a ‘duty-free' stamp.
Only a day ago, in the frames of another operation, the mobile customs group detained a truck transporting Scottish whisky worth around BGN 200,000. The whisky was aimed for Western Europe and has been transported without the required documents.