CA: Detained customs officer discharged from Lesovo checkpoint at the beginning of the year

The customs officers from Burgas, who was detained earlier today, was discharged from Lesovo border checkpoint at the beginning of the year and transferred to the Neftopristanishte checkpoint, the Customs Agency press office announced.
The dismissal of everyone for whom evidence is collected that proves he was in breach of trust is good for the system and we are making efforts in this direction, said the Customs Agency director Vanyo Tanov commenting on the case with the arrested customs officer. According to the information of the Ministry of Interior, the 44-year-old customs officer has been involved in criminal activity on providing smuggling channel for goods trafficking.
50 987 perfumes for the total value of BGN 4 million from 78 different brands have been found. The perfumes were found during a customs check of a TIR truck with Bulgarian license plates, which was driving from Turkey to Romania. According to the documents presented at Bulgarian border, the truck had to transport 22 pallets with plastic articles - consumer disposable PVC cups and folio. During the check, the customs officers found that only 2 of the pallets at the front of the hold contained the declared plastic articles. The rest 2- palettes were full of non-declared perfumes of different brands and packages, which were hidden in the so-called smuggling method ‘cap'.