Customs officers in Varna seize around 3,000 boxes of cigarettes without excise label


Cigarettes without excise label have been seized late last night at the collective-farm market (the Kolkhoz Market) in the costal town of Varna.
In a joint operation conducted with the assistance of the district Police Directorate Varna, customs inspectors detained 20 boxes of cigarettes without excise label at a commercial outlet selling tobacco products. Wihin a follow-up check-up on the basement, managed by the brother of the owner of the commercial site, authorities found other 2,967 boxes or 59,340 pieces of 55 different cigarette brands, such as Marlboro, Victory, More, Muratti, LM, Merilyn and etc., all without excise label.
There were also cigars, cigarillos and loose tobacco without excise label in the same room.
Work on the case continues.