Customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint seize gold worth BGN 50,000


Customs officers at the Kapitan Andreevo customs checkpoint seized 1,426 grams of gold, the National Customs Agency reports.
Two persons driving a Renault Laguna car arrived at the checkpoint last night. After an overall check-up on the vehicle and the passengers, customs officers detected that the body of one of the persons in the car (J.L, 42) is covered with packages full of jewelry. The analysis proved the items are made of gold and are worth around BGN 57,000.
The customs officers counted a total of 243 earrings, 75 rings, 25 medallions, 10 gold necklaces and 28 bracelets.
A statement over violation under the Foreign Exchange Act has been drawn against a Polish national.
The case has been referred to the authorities in charge.