Banknote with face value USD 1 000 000 seized at Sofia Airport


Sofia. Customs officers seized a banknote with face value 1 000 000 U.S. dollars, accompanied by a certificate at Sofia Airport, the National Customs Agency reported. The banknote is issued in 1923 and was hidden in the express courier shipment of documents, traveling from Bulgaria to Spain. An expert's check of the banknote will be carried out, to determine whether the banknote is authentic and what is the numismatic value.
Custom officers at Sofia Airport Customs found skimming device at the same time in another courier shipment. The reader used for downloading information from bank cards, was hidden in a car-computer shipment. The shipment was addressed from Bulgaria to a recipient in the United States.
In a third case, customs in personal check of a 36-year-old Bulgarian citizen with initials PP, traveling from Bulgaria to Serbia, with regular bus service.