Ruse Customs Office seized 7000 l diesel fuel and 3500 boxes of cigarettes for one day

Seven master boxes of cigarettes without excise labels, disguised as vegetables, were found during a customs inspection in Ruse. Customs officers stopped a truck with Romanian license plate for a check. The car was loaded with vegetables - cabbage, salads, etc. After the removal of several sacks of vegetables it turned out that the rest of the goods are boxes of cigarettes branded "LM" with a sign "DUTY FREE". The Romanian driver of the truck was unable to present any documents for the carried by him tobacco. The value of the smuggled goods at market prices is BGN 18 000, and the amount of unpaid duty is BGN 9 450. The fine, which the offender should be sanctioned, amounted to BGN 18 900.
Yesterday again in the town of Ruse customs mobile group had stopped to check a tank with Bulgarian registration. The driver did not have any documents for the transporting petroleum products. The measurements and examination of samples showed that the tank was filled with 7150 liters of diesel fuel.