Customs inspectors in Lesovo crossed three smuggling attempts


Lesovo. Customs inspectors at Lesovo border checkpoint have prevented three attempts for smuggling, the press office of the National Customs Agency announced. 32 packages with a total of 750 kg fabric, 100 boxes with 20 000 pieces of cigarette cartridges and 50 boxes of cigarettes without excise labels have been seized. Contraband fabric is found in a TIR truck with Hungarian registration, traveling from Turkey via Bulgaria to Hungary.
In making a detailed check at the Bulgarian border it was found that the truck was carrying 107 packages with 750 kg of fabric instead of the declared 75 packages, or, 750 kg more. The smuggled cloth was seized and a customs act was drawn to a 29-year-old driver, who is Hungarian citizen.
In another check of a Romanian citizens (46) were found 1000 pieces of cigarettes of three different brands without excise labels. The smuggled cigarettes were wrapped on her body.
The third offender that the customs officers at Lesovo detained is a 25-year-old Bulgarian from the town of Sliven. He has traveled from Bulgaria to Turkey. In his car were found a hundred boxes of 20 000 pieces empty cigarettes for hand-made cigarettes. They were hidden in special secret compartments.