60,000 bottles of alcohol seized in operation of Customs Agency, Interior Ministry


In the frames of a special operation, authorities seized 60,000 bottles of alcohol with fake excise labels.
The special operation targeting illegal alcohol covers the territory of the capital city and the country. It is executed by officers with the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, Chief Directorate of Pre-court Proceeding, Sofia District Interior Ministry Directorate, and the District Directorate of the Interior Minister - Targovishte, the mobile customs groups and experts with the National Customs Agency.
In the frames of the operation, authorities executed a series of check-ups at warehouses and production facilities owned by juridical persons, dealing with excise goods - high-spirit alcohol.
10 different addresses have been checked in Sofia and the country. Authorities found more than 60,000 bottles of different volumes full of alcohol. The alcohol is produced by big Bulgarian companies, registered as legal producers and traders.
The check-up revealed that the excise labels are faked. Three of the cases refer to one and the same company, using three different warehouses in Sofia.
The violations detected during the check-ups are registered in protocols. The cases have been referred to the Prosecution Office.
The entire amount of the illegal alcohol has been confiscated.
Investigation on the case and the check-ups throughout the country continue.