Cigarettes smuggles ‘in parts’ seized in Lesovo


Customs inspectors in Lesovo hampered four attempts of smuggling large amount of clothes of popular brands and raw materials and paper for cigarettes production overnight. Authorties confiscated 439 pairs of jeans and denim clothes bearing the logos of world popular brands, as well as more than 10 million raw pieces of cigarettes and smuggled package materials with the logo of different cigarette brands.
The smuggled branded clothes have been confiscated in the frames of a customs check-up on a car with Serbian registration and from the personal luggage of two Serbian nationals /peddlers/, travelling from Turkey to Serbia through Bulgaria.
The jeans bear the logos of „Armani", „D&G", „Gucci"," Miss Sixty", „Roberto Cavalli" and others. Three statements over violation of the Customs Act have been drawn against the three Serbian citizens. The cases have been referred to the authorities in charge and the holders of the brands' rights.
The materials used for cigarettes production were seized from a heavy-freight TIR truck with Turkish registration in the frames of a joint check-up of the customs and border police authorities.
According to the papers presented to the authorities, the truck was transporting filter paper, handkerchiefs and car wash sponges.
The thorough customs check-up executed at the Lesovo border checkpoint detected that apart from the officially declared goods, the truck is also loaded with 1,080 boxes full of 10,564,600 pieces of raw materials /empty cigarette cornets with filter/. In addition, the declared ‘filter' paper turned to be packaging paper for cigarette boxes with stamps of different cigarettes brands.
Customs inspectors also found a second invoice, which the driver was supposed to present to the Turkish border and customs authorities.
The driver of the truck, a 51-year-old Turkish national, has been drawn a statement over violation of the Customs Act. The case has been referred to the authorities in charge.
Over the last seven days, customs inspectors in Lesovo managed to hamper 11 smuggling attempts, seizing perfumes worth BGN 0.5 million, 750 kilos of cloth, large shipment of fake branded clothes, 20,000 cigarette cartridge and cigarettes without excise label.