Customs officers in Lesovo seize Turkish truck loaded with smuggled perfumes worth BGN 300,000


Elhovo. Customs inspectors in Lesovo seized 10,036 smuggled perfumes of 54 different world popular brands on Sunday, the Customs Burgas announced.
The smuggled perfumes were found in the frames of a thorough customs check-up on a heavy-freight Volvo TIR truck with Romanian registration, entering the territory of the Bulgaria from Turkey. The truck was travelling from Turkey to Romania, passing transit through Bulgaria.
The perfumes were hidden in secret compartments in the bottom part of the carriage and in driver's cabin.
Authorities found and confiscated a total of 10.036 perfumes of 35ml worth more than BGN 300,000. The perfumes bear the logos of „Versace", „Kenzo", „Escada", „Boss", „Nina Ricci", „Lacoste", „Lancome", „Giorgio Armani", „Dior", „Chanel", „Givenchy", „Bulgary", and others.
The driver of the truck, a 42-year-old Romanian national from Bucharest, has been drawn a statement for violation under the Customs Act. The case has been referred to the authorities in charge - police and the prosecution office.
Meeting the requirements under Regulation 1383/2003 of the European Union and the Marks and Geographical Indications Act, Customs Burgas will alarm the holders of the rights.
This is the fourth case of seized smuggled perfumes in Lesovo.
Over the last months, customs officers in Lesovo have confiscated 88,902 smuggled perfumes worth more than BGN 8 million