Customs officers disclose new scheme for illegal cigarettes sale


1,300 boxes of cigarettes have been confiscated from two cars.
The higher cigarette price officially adopted as of April 1 created a new method for sale of illegal cigarettes. People place their orders by phone, while the delivery is done with private cars. This is what authorities in the northern town of Ruse revealed.
1,300 boxes of cigarettes have been confiscated from two cars in a joint check-up executed by officers with the mobile customs teams and border police.
People detained over the illegal sale are well-known by customs authorities, as they have been seized transporting cigarettes and alcohol without excise label before.
In one of the cars, authorities found 600 boxes, while in the other - 700 boxes of cigarettes. All the cigarettes lack the required excise label but there is also a suspicion about their quality.
The confiscated cigarettes are of the brands Tabaccus, Raquel and Cooper Slims and are not listed in the public register for tobacco products.
Under the latest amendments to the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act, when there is no registered sale price of a tobacco product, the product is set the price of BGN 7.50 per 20 pieces. Thus, the price of the confiscated cigarettes is estimated at BGN 4,500, while the unpaid excise duty - BGN 2.626.