Ruse customs seized 1810 g of gold and a large quantity of excise goods

Checks for illegal cigarettes in the region of Ruse are underway. In the last 24 hours were found 1314 boxes of cigarettes, 324 bottles of alcohol, 1810 g of gold.
On 13/04/2010, in the border region of the Danube Bridge in a joint inspection carried out by officers of Ruse Customs and Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime (CDCOC) of a Turkish bus traveling from Romania to Turkey, were found 1,810 g of gold ingots, hidden in the clothes of a Turkish citizen.
Again yesterday in a joint inspection carried out by Ruse Customs, NRA Ruse and Regional Directorate of Interior officers found in a warehouse in Ruse, alcoholic beverages and boxes of cigarettes. The established cigarettes were 1114 boxes (22 198 pieces) of different brands and the smuggled alcohol - 99 bottles. Goods were seized and an act of infringement was drawn up to the vendor under the Excise Act and tax warehouses.
In another 6 checks of customs mobile groups and Directorate Customs Intelligence and Investigation on the territory of Ruse region were seized a total of 200 boxes (4000 pieces) of cigarettes and 225 bottles of alcoholic beverages covered with expired excise labels. By keeping the excise goods is prevented damage to the budget of 5000 euro.