Customs officers seize 8,000l of illegal fuel


Customs officers with the Customs Svilengrad seized 8,000 liters of diesel fuel, which lacked the required documents, the National Customs Agency reports.
Last night customs officers stopped two freight vehicles for a check-up close to the Kapitan Petko Voyvoda border checkpoint. Both trucks were registered in the town of Haskovo and were traveling separately.
The check-up revealed that one of the vehicles was transporting 16 metal barrels of 200 liters (a total of 3,200 liters) of reddish liquid, which smelled like diesel fuel.
In the other truck authorities found 4 plastic tubes of 1,000 liters and 5 metal barrels of 2,000 liters, containing a total of 4,800 liters of liquid that smelled like fuel, too.
The drivers of the two trucks explained they were transporting oil aimed for heating or just naphtha. They did not present any documents proving the calculation and payment of the excise duty but said that the fuel was purchased in Greece.
The 8,000 liters of liquid smelling like diesel fuel have been confiscated and stored at the Customs Svilengrad. Authorities took samples, which will undergo laboratory analyses.
The excise duty due to be paid on this amount of diesel fuel is estimated at BGN 4,800. If violation is ascertained, the two drivers will have to pay a fine of around BGN 10,000 each.