Trader hides illegal cigarettes locked behind iron door


4,704 boxes of 13 different brands of cigarettes and 3,800 grams of loose tobacco have been seized by officers of a customs mobile team and the Customs Plovdiv, in cooperation with the Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime - Plovdiv and Economic Police, the press office of the National Customs Agency reports.
Most of the cigarettes have a ‘duty free' sign, while the rest are stamped with Ukrainian excise labels.
The illegal cigarettes were found at a commercial outlet and in a follow-up check-up on private property.
Customs officers first executed a check-up on a store, located at the ground floor of a residential building. The nervous behavior of the owner and the vendors attracted customs officers' attention. Authorities learned that the same owner has a rented storage room in the building and decided to check it.
Right after customs officer get off the elevator they felt the strong smell of tobacco. The man, however, refused to unlock the padlock and open the iron door. Authorities then searched the store and found a key hidden under a platform with breads.
After the storage room was unlocked, customs officers found the illegal cigarettes and the loose tobacco.