Customs officers seize 107 parrots at Sofia Airport


Customs officers at Sofia Customs Airport rescued 107 decorative Jako parrots. This was announced by the National Customs Agency (NCA). Parrots arrived on a flight from Beirut. It turned out that their bearer, 39-year-old Ferris A.A. with Bulgarian citizenship, could not submit to the customs authorities all required documents, including the original certificate of Cites, which constitutes a violation of Regulation (EC) № 338/1997 of EU Council of December 9 1996 on protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating their trade.
Jako parrots are a protected species. Their price on the black market in the European Union reaches EUR 1000-1800. So the whole shipment detained at Sofia Airport is estimated at around EUR 200,000.
The parrots were seized and immediately sent in the Sofia Zoo.
The decorative birds have traveled in four plastic cage designed for the transport of animals. In opening the cells in the quarantine unit of the zoo proved that there were 108 birds, from which however, only 107 survived the journey.