4,223 boxes of illegal cigarettes seized in North Bulgaria


Pleven/Ruse. Customs and police officers in the Northern city of Pleven disclosed a scheme for illegal cigarettes sale. In the frames of a check-up on a cigarettes sale stand, authorities found 69 boxes of smuggled cigarettes, while in a follow-up check-up - other 1,209 boxes of cigarettes with expired excise label.
The total amount of the illegal cigarettes runs to 1,278 boxes, which were of different brands, such as: "Viva slims","Raquel","Marlboro", "Victory", "KARELIA", "The KING", "EVE", "Gold classic", "Eva slims", "HD", "Merilyn slims", "MM slims", "Средец", "VICEROY", "GOLDEN GATE", "GD", "Davidoff", "LD", "MURATTI", "Rothmans" and "KENT".
In the garage, authorities also found 18 bottles of Doctor's vodka with expired excise label. The excise goods have been confiscated.
The latest case of illegal cigarettes sale illustrates a classic scheme, in which a commercial outlet stores just small amount of excise goods, while the big reserves are kept at private homes, where customs authorities have no access to.
Other 1,745 boxes of cigarettes have been seized in joint operation of Customs Ruse and the National Revenue Agency at a filling station in the town of Borovo. The cigarettes were with expired excise label. At the same place, customs officers also found 15 packages each of 50 grams to loose tobacco without excise label and 61 bottles of high-spirit drinks, stamped with expired excise label.
The state receivables on the confiscated excise goods are estimated at BGN 6,543, while the fines due to be imposed - at BGN 10,906.