Customs Agency executes check-ups on energy products, marked for heating


Customs Burgas has executed 67 check-ups on sale, transport and usage of energy products marked for heating under the requirements of Article 94 of the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act. Customs officers executed physical control, making a test on the field looking for a marker in energy products, control on documents proving the delivery of marked fuel, and undertook follow-up actions.
There were check-ups in the towns of Burgas, Bolyarovo, Nova Zagora, Tsarevo, Ahtopol, Aytos, Elhovo, and in the villages of Ravadinovo and Chernomorets. In seven cases authorities detected heavy fuel with a Euromarker. In 5 cases, the quantity of the fuel received at the end-station was in lower than the one reported in the expedition order of Lukoil Bulgaria.
In a check-up at the Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment in Karnobat, authorities revealed that only some 3,056 liters of marked fuel have been received from tax warehouse of SAKSA OOD. Customs officers detected that the fuel was used for another purpose and not for heating.
There are also cases of discrepancies in the quantity between the marked fuel under the expedition order of Lukoil Bulgaria and the quantity received by consumers.
As a result of the check-ups, officers with Customs Burgas are working to ascertain the facts and circumstances on the movement of marked fuel from tax warehouses to end-consumers.