320 smuggled perfumes found in tourist’s bus’ tank in Valko Tarnovo


Customs officers at the Malko Tarnovo customs checkpoint seized 320 smuggled perfumes in the tank of a passenger's bus with Romanian registration. The Mercedes bus, full of tourists, was travelling from Turkey to Romania. The driver said he has nothing to declare before the customs authorities.
However, a thorough check-up on the luggage and the vehicle detected a secret compartment in bus' fuel tank, where authorities found 210 Angel perfumes of 50ml and 110 Aqua di Gio of 200ml.
The customs inspectors revealed that the smuggled perfumes belong to tourist group's guide - a 31-year-old Romanian with initials C.I.
The man was drawn a statement of violation under the Customs Act and will be imposed a fine of BGN 100 to BGN 200 on the customs value of the smuggled shipment.