Bulgarian wine export registers 46% increase in 1Q 2010


The export of Bulgarian wine registered serious growth in Q1 2010 against Q1 2009, the data of the National Customs Agency and the Agricultural Statistics and Strategies Directorate states.
According to latest data, the Executive Agency of Wine and Vine reports 46% increase in the export, as the wine exported so far runs to 6,100,559 liters and is worth EUR 5,370,364.
Russia is the major market for Bulgarian wine, reporting 161% increase in 2010.
The data shows that the realized export to the Russian market in Q1 2010 runs to 5,320,325 liters and is worth EUR 4,681,886, against 2,037,678 liters for the same period in 2009.
Meanwhile, the wine import registers 28% decrease. The downturn comes as a result of the measures taken by the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Executive Agency of Wine and Vine for support to the local wine sector.