NCA initiates phased end of fraud at customs checkpoints through new information system


A new module Fees and Permits of the BICIS will be put into exploitation at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint in the term June 14-16 2010, before the start of the active summer season.
The pilot system was introduced in early May 2010 in three smaller check points in order to monitor its effectiveness. Despite the short duration it has shown results that fully meet the expectations of customs administration.
Revenues of the three points increased, which proves the effectiveness of the system and for prevention opportunities for abuse and corruption.
The module was launched on May 10 at Zlatarevo border checkpoint and just for a month compared to April, revenues were increased by 34.98%. At Ilinded border checkpoint it was launched in May for 22 days. When the module was put in a real service the revenue increased by 198 % compared to same period in April. For only three days at Kapitan Petko Voivoda border checkpoint the revenues increased by 16.14%.
Besides other controlled items such as weight, dimensions, etc. there is 100 % control over the validity of vignette stickers on all vehicles crossing the border checkpoints.
The system ensures 100% vignette charges collection and rapid processing of passing cars, it increases the range of data input and provides information to other users. The new system is a dynamic basis and will evolve over the coming years when will be introduced electronic vignettes, tolls, permits and licenses and will be valid for all EU countries.

By the end of July, the module will be implemented at all border checkpoints.